Blazepods - physical therapy combined with cognitive brain training

Blazepods are a versatile and fun rehabilitation tool for all patients. The Blazepod system consists of multiple wireless interactive pods with built-in LED lights. These LED pods can be mounted and programmed in multiple ways, so the patient must think about what physical action to make next.

For example, six Blazepods are programmed with two colours and placed on a kitchen bench. The physiotherapist then cues the patient to stand with their feet in a position that challenges their balance. The Physiotherapist then asks the patient to tap the green light with their left hand and blue light with their right hand for the next 30 seconds.

This fun activity incorporates a cognitive and physical task simultaneously training reaction time, decision-making, agility, problem-solving, memory, attention, balance, coordination, and multitasking.

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Advantages of BlazePods

Even more Advantages

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A Detailed list of the advantages of BlazePods

  1. Improved reaction times – improving decision-making and physical speed from the unpredictable illumination of the light pods.
  2. Enhanced cognitive function – challenging users to process information rapidly and accurately, improving mental agility, focus, and attention.
  3. Enhanced performance – improving neuromuscular coordination, speed and agility are important for all of us but it is critical for the athlete to maximise their performance and reduce injuries.
  4. Injury prevention – improving awareness and neuromuscular control of your joints and movements.
  5. Versatile training options – Blazepods offer a wide range of exercises and scenarios, design programs for specific skills or fitness goals, making it suitable for everyone.
  6. Portability and accessibility – Blazepod’s compact and portable design allows for easy transport and use in various locations, like gyms, outdoor spaces, or even at home. It offers accessibility to individuals of different fitness levels and can be adapted to suit different environments.
  7. Real-time feedback – Blazepod’s mobile app allows users to track their progress, identify areas for improvement and adjust their rehabilitation program.
  8. Fun and engaging – Blazepods have a wide range of exercises and games that can be tailored to specific rehabilitation needs or fitness goals. The gamified nature of Blazepod, with its visual prompts and real-time feedback, adds an element of fun and excitement with increased motivation and engagement.


From fall prevention to hand-eye or foot-eye coordination, agility, reactive change of direction or if you’re recovering from an injury… these light-up pods are a great rehabilitation tool.

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