Pre and Post-Operative Physiotherapy

Pre and Post Operative Physiotherapy

Pre and post-operative physiotherapy focuses on preparing patients for surgery, optimizing their physical condition before the procedure, and facilitating their recovery and rehabilitation afterwards. These interventions aim to maximise functional outcomes, minimise complications and improve overall quality of life for individuals undergoing surgery. Surgical procedures may include joint replacement, spinal surgery, cardiac surgery, abdominal surgeries, and more.

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Pre-operative physiotherapy

Post-operative physiotherapy

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Pre-Post Operative Physiotherapy Treatments

  1. Assessment. Physiotherapists assess the patient’s physical function, mobility, strength, and cardiovascular fitness before surgery.
  2. Education. Physiotherapists provide education about the surgical procedure, expected outcomes, and post-operative rehabilitation process.
  3. Prehabilitation. Prehabilitation involves implementing exercise programs and interventions aimed at improving the patient’s physical condition and functional capacity before surgery. The primary goal is to improve the strength of anti-gravity muscles and cardiovascular fitness to help recovery with early mobility after surgery. Improving overall health reduces the risk of post-operative complications and enhances the patient’s ability to recover quickly after surgery.
  4. Pain management. Physiotherapists often teach pain management strategies, such as relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, and positioning strategies, to help patients cope with pain both before and after surgery.
  5. Mobility and breathing exercises. Pre-operative physiotherapy may include exercises to improve mobility, joint range of motion, and breathing mechanics. These exercises help prepare the body for the physical demands of surgery and facilitate a smoother recovery afterwards.

Pre-Post Operative Physiotherapy Treatments

  1. Early mobilisation. Preoperative physiotherapy helps improve the capacity to mobilise postoperatively. Physiotherapists work with patients shortly after surgery to promote early mobilisation and prevent complications such as muscle weakness, joint stiffness, and blood clots. They assist patients with standing, walking, and performing gentle exercises to restore mobility and prevent deconditioning.
  2. Pain management. Post-operative physiotherapy includes strategies for managing pain and discomfort specifically tailored the patient and the operative procedure. Physiotherapists may also provide education on proper positioning, activity modification, and pain-relieving techniques.
  3. Rehabilitation exercises. Physiotherapists design individualised exercise programs to address specific problems and limitations following surgery. These exercises may focus on improving strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and proprioception, depending on the patient’s needs and surgical procedure.
  4. Scar management. Physiotherapists may provide guidance on scar management techniques, such as scar tissue massage, stretching exercises, and application of silicone gel or sheets, to promote optimal wound healing and minimise scar tissue adhesions.
  5. Functional training. As the patient progresses in their recovery, often at home, physiotherapists incorporate functional training activities to help them regain independence in activities of daily living, work, and recreational pursuits.


Pre and post-operative physiotherapy plays a crucial role in optimising surgical outcomes, facilitating recovery, and restoring function for individuals who are undergoing surgery. By addressing physical impairments, improving mobility, managing pain, and promoting a safe return to activities, physiotherapy helps patients achieve their rehabilitation goals, regain a better quality of life and return to meaningful activities.

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